Snow falls but can’t slow down GP Riders

March 3, 2012

Midwest MX GP
Presented by: Canton M/C
Chandlerville, IL

By Ryan Moss

Photos by Midwest Motocross Club Inc.

The Canton MC teamed up with the Midwest Motocross Club in Chandlerville, IL to put on the first GP of the District 17 season and the first ever event at this location.  The Midwest Motocross Club offered a great location for a GP since they have a full MX track, a big open field for a grass track, and plenty of wooded trails.  The Canton MC was putting on their first ever GP and did a great job of combining the MX track, grass track, and the woods trails to make a great GP loop.

Chase Robinson on the gas as the snow falls
Chase Robinson on the gas as the snow falls

The weather forecast showed a chance of snow in the late afternoon but morning brought sun and great conditions for early March in the Midwest.  But as the day went on it became apparent that the weather forecast was actually going to be correct for once.  The temps started dropping and half way through the second set of motos the snow started to drop.  It wasn’t a heavy snow but just enough to cover the ground and mess up your goggles.

Even with the snow falling it didn’t stop the racers from charging hard and putting on good racers for the spectators.  The course length was around 3 miles and the lap times were around 7-8 minutes.  The Canton M/C planned to run the 2 moto format with each moto being 20 minutes long.  This meant 3 lap motos so the riders had to charge hard right from the get go.

In the 45+ class it was a battle of three different riders from different disciplines.  Long time MX rider Gerhard Ward on his Service Honda CR500AF / Megacross / Fox Valley Off-Road got the holeshot in Moto 1 and lead for the first two laps.  Jay Hall a long time Enduro / HS rider on his Halls Cycle Husky gave chase along with HS rider Jim Perry.  On the last lap Gerhard made a wrong turn and allowed both Jay and Jim to get by.  In Moto 2 it was a repeat on the start but this time S. Sarge jumped in the mix causing a 4 way battle.  Jay Hall again was able to take the win ahead of Gerhard Ward and S. Sarge.  This gave Jay Hall the overall win ahead of Gerhard Ward with Jim Perry taking 3rd.

The snow made it easy to follow the track
 The snow made it easy to follow the track!

The 122cc-Open class also saw a three way battle from riders of different disciplines.  Up and coming Hare Scramble rider Travis Ward on his ServiceHonda CR250 took the overall moto win but had to battle Lars Valin on his Halls Cycle Husky in Moto 1 and MX rider Max Akerman on his B&B Tool Honda CRF450 in Moto 2.  Moto 2 was probably one of the closest races of the day as both riders pushed each other all the way till the end.

In the 14-29 class Alec Perry made his return to racing after a late season injury in 2011 sidelined him.  He showed he’s back up to speed by taking both moto wins. The Vintage class was won by long time Midwest racer Craig Hayes on his vintage Husky.  The 65cc class was added this year to the GP’s and Garret Ward took both moto wins.

Riders waiting for the start before the snow started
Riders waiting for the start, before the snow started

Daniel Janus was the only double class winner.  Daniel rode his Halls Cycle / Moose Racing Husky to both moto wins in the 30+ class for the Overall class win.  In the 122-250 class he took 2nd in the first moto and took the win in the second moto for the Overall class win.  The second moto of the 30+ class saw the most snow of the day but it didn’t slow Daniel down one bit, in fact it might have been the fastest moto of the day.

Even with the snow falling and the temps dropping everyone that raced commented what a fun day it was.  The course had a great mix of everything making it both challanging and fun for all riders, no matter what discipline they normally ride.  That in itself is what the GP’s are all about, good job Canton M/C!



The club would like to thank Midwest Motocross club for letting them host the event on their property.  They would also like to thank all the club members and sponsors for making this a successful event.  Sponsors: Halls Cycle, Dr. Ugs Drugstore Café, Bent Bones BBQ, and Fulton County Septic Service.

2012 Midwest MX GP Results